Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arthropods - Insecta (Insects)


Structural features:
- Have 3 pairs of joined legs
- Have 3 body segments (Head, Thorax, Abdomen)
- Have compound eyes
- Have a pair of antennae

- Most have 3 - 4 stages of life cycles
- Most lay eggs

Other features:
- All are cold-blooded
- Some are useful that helps on pollination, produce honey & silk
- Some are harmful like pests and disease-spreading

Done by: Idris
Group 2 - Lionel, Karan, Abilash, Darryl
(Group 4 - Arthropods, Crustaceans, Myriapods, Arachnids, Insecta


  1. Insecta needn't always have 3 body segments. Eg, silk worm (Bombyx Mori). Its class is still Insecta, but it has many body parts and legs

  2. Insects are invertebrates, meaning that they have no backbone. Most species of insect have a hard outer shell which protects the inside of the insect.

  3. @ Su En: Silk worm is not a species itself. It is the young of the silk moth which is an insect with 3 body segments.