Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Group 1 Mosses

Mosses are small, soft plants that are usually from 1-10cm, though there are species that are bigger than that.
They do not have flowers or seeds and they reproduce by spreading spores by the wind.
The spores are found under leaves. At certain time, spore capsules can be found.
More than 12,000 mosses are classified under Bryophyta.
Mosses do not have true roots, leave or stems.



  1. Mosses are non-flowering plants, so they reproduce by spores.
    Flowering plants reproduce by seeds.
    So since both are plants, Mosses photosynthesize as well.

  2. Mosses have no true roots. Instead, they take in moisture from the air through their stems and tiny, root-like threads called rhizoids.

  3. Only mosses have a multicellular rhizoid, a root-like subterranean tissue that absorbs water and nutrients from the soil.