Monday, January 10, 2011

Group 5: Jaime (Animalia: Aves)

Aves: Birds

Examples of flightless birds: Penguins, ostrich (Wings to balance themselves or to swim)

Examples: Hummingbird, Parrot, Crow, Kingfisher


Winged: Some for flight adaptations, others to balance themselves etc.

Bipedal: They move using their hind limbs which includes, hopping, running and walking.

Egg- laying: Lay eggs during reproduction

Vertebrates: animals with backbone

Physical Features:

- Feathers

- A beak without teeth

- Laying hard-shelled eggs

- A 4 chambered heart

- High metabolism (Fast Digestion Rate)

Done by: Teoh Yun =D


  1. Birds have a furcula which is a bone located in the bird's chest that prevents compression of the chest cavity during the downstroke of a wingbeat.

  2. Some birds have hollow bone structure to reduce weight during flight.

    Falcons, when gone through about half of its life, its feathers get old. They can either keep it that way or they can go through a process called reborn, which allows it to tear its own feathers with its beak and after a few months, new feathers grow in its place.

  3. Noted, thanks for the comments.