Friday, March 11, 2011

Team assignment for e-Learning

Groups Leader Member Member Member Member

Group 1 Jurvis Tan KJ Shakti R Abilash Teng Zheng Jie Christopher Nah
Group 2 Priyanka Srikanth Jaime Pang Carisa Chan Lionel Lim Syed Ismail Muhammed Idris
Group 3 Nur Shamemi Koh Su En Darryl Lam Teoh Yun Teo Yi Lin
Group 4 Cheng Hao En Lincoln Chu Tay Pei Shan Karan Sarat
Group 5 Jasper Phang Ng Yu Zhe Goh Jia Sheng Benz Kew

Hi all,

Above should be the finalised group of members in your team.
If there is any changes please let me know by this weekend.
Please e-mail if you have any questions at

Thank you.

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