Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gamma Rays

One usage of Gamma Rays : To sterilise surgical instruments.

One danger of Gamma Rays : Make your cells cancerous.

New Things:

One of the rays emitted from the nuclear radiation is Gamma Ray.
Detect brain and heart abnormalities.

One video:


  1. How do you detect brain and heart abnormalities using gamma ray? Will it cause mutation to occur?

  2. I heard that Gamma Rays are shot out during a hypernova blast, when a black hole is formed, and it is one of the brightest things in the universe...Is this the same as the electromagnetic wave, i have no idea... Anyways good job, though its not very elaborated.

  3. how do u use gamma rays to sterilise surgical instruments

  4. Good Job finding out the different uses of the Gamma Rays!
    But, What do the people working in nuclear plants do to protect themselves from the Gamma Ray?